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    New Orleans Wedding Photographers Ricky and Staci Songy are a husband and wife team doing what they LOVE…wedding photography. It is our passion! We have been blessed to be in the wedding industry for 20 years. Your wedding day is one of the most exciting days of your life. It involves much time and preparation to make it perfect. After your wedding is over, your photographs are your permanent records to cherish from this special day. Therefore, we believe that your investment in a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make. We strive to offer you the best experience and beautiful, amazing wedding photographs. From the small intimate wedding, to the most extravagant, we offer a wide variety of packages to fit your needs.

Phyllis & Jack…Married…Ormond Plantation

Phyllis & Jack were married May 14th.  They were such a pleasure to work with.  We had so much fun, not only with them, but their families.  Phyllis even sported some cool “hot Pink” converse sneakers, so her personality.  When I met with her to pick up some of her images, she presented ME with a “gift”…you got it…my VERY own “hot pink” converse sneakers.  Ricky knew all about it, but wanted it to be a surprise!!!  Thanks Phyllis, you are such a sweetheart :).  Here are a few images from their special day!!  Congrats!!